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House Bands

House Bands

Captain Quint

The rockin' sounds of a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band. This 7-piece group can get the crowd dancing and singing in no time. If you were at Nissan in June 2002, they were the band that opened for Jimmy Buffett - stage left!

Nautical Wheelers

Mike Philip, Dennis Buchholz and Ken Polchak form an accoustic Jimmy Buffett Tribute group that's a lot of fun. Playing a menu of mainly Jimmy Buffett's older songs and a few from John Denver, Garth Brooks and a few other popular artists of the '70s and '80s, they get the house rockin'. This is Buffett the way we like it best - accoustically. Mike, Dennis & Ken also play with the Captain Quint group.

24 North

Singer/songwriter Mike Winters (rhythm) teams up with Richard Roberts (bass) and John Patti (percussion) to give listeners a mellow rock sound. The band performs Mike's music and a combination of songs from Jimmy Buffett's Son of a Son of a Sailor to the soft-rock sounds of Runaway.




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