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Welcome to the new Annapolis Parrot Head Club web page.
Annapolis panorama

Panoramic view of Annanpolis harbor

The Annapolis Parrot Head Club is social organization sanctioned by and a member-in-good-standing of Parrot Heads In Paradise, Inc., the parent organization of a worldwide network of Parrot Head Clubs. These clubs promote fellowship among fans of the lifestyle portrayed in the songs of Jimmy Buffett, as well as volunteer community service, especially providing a helping hand to the members of the community and environmental issues.

PHiP LogoIf you want more information about Parrot Head Clubs or starting a Parrot Head Club, you can contact Marc Schlessinger, Chairman of the PHiP Membership Committee. Or, you can visit the PHiP web pages by clicking on the PHiP logo.

If you'd like to find the Parrot Head Club nearest to you, follow this link to see where the nearest of about 150 chapters is located.

The Annapolis Parrot Head Club

If you want more information about the club, what we do, how we do it, or want to join, just use the menu on the left to take you where you want to go.

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