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Coastal Pin Head Consortium

Chesapeake Area Music Appreciation Society

We're Mad As Hell . . . And We Won't Take It Any Longer!

The Coastal Pin Head Consortium is also the Chesapeake Area Music Appreciation Society (CAMAS). We are a group of fun- and music-loving members (and former members) of the Chesapeake Parrot Head Club who came to the conclusion that we were Stage 9 Jimmy Buffett fans, not well-suited to be Parrot Heads, but wild and crazy people who happen to share a love of a multitude of musical genres. For those of you unfamiliriar with the Stages of Buffett, Stage 9 goes something like this:

Stage 9 - My name is ...... and I listen to Buffett music. Comes to the realization that Buffett is human, deals with it, with the help of other Buffett fans or some internal strength. Understands the myth and to some degree the man who created it. Can't buy any more albums because they have them all, already. Enjoys the music for what its worth, which is why they bought it in the first place and ignores all the other bullshit as best as possible, without forsaking their own moral standards. You could say they sell out or accept what Buffett is.

When the rituals of being a Parrot Head became tiresome and evolved into going out to only places approved by Parrot Head club leaders to listen to only approved music and participating in only approved community service events things began to get out of hand. Our fun was being dictated to us, dealt to us in approved doses like so much medicine. Some of us rebelled (as would all good Americans). Rather than kowtow to the dictates of the reincarnation of a Stalinesque dictatorship, a few of us, in the rebellious tradition of Jimmy Buffett, banded together. We acknowledged our appreciation for all types of music, not just Jimmy Buffett's music.

The epoch began with Jimmy Buffett's music, but has evolved to an appreciation of all forms of modern music, especially the music of independent artists. It centers on beach music, the island sound, tropical rock, music with Caribbean beats and rhythms-call it what you will, but is not limited by these boundaries. It includes, but is not limited to: modern folk, reggae, R&B, rock blues and Caribbean country. It is an appreciation of the diverse styles of such artists as: James Taylor; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Hugo Duarte & the Full Sail Band; Scott Kirby; Bob Marley, Mike Winters, Jim Hoehn, Jim Morris and many, many others, known to wide audience and some know only to a few.

It says we will not be dictated to. We will choose the bands and the music we want to listen to, the bars and the venues we want to go to, the people we want to associate with. Not because they are Parrot Heads, or belong to this club, but, oh my god no!, not that club. We intend to have fun, whether it be ankle-licking, knee-crawling, commode-hugging fun, or the gentle smile of friends sharing a good time.

If you're interested in our group, you're invited to join us on any Friday or Saturday evening. You can also nominate a band or an independent artist or group in any of the categories. Please use the form on the nominations page and send it to us. There are no dues, no membership, no right or wrong; just show up and join a group of expatriated parrot heads having fun.

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